Before Dawn is Roberts' first novel. 

Robert Reeves lives in Plano, Texas, and is a published songwriter, short-story writer, and poet.   He is a graduate of Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX and has hunted in Kenya, East Africa twice.  Some of the animal encounters are based on real adventures. 

The Story begins in the Highlands Region of Kenya, north of Nairobi.  The story will lead us to California… There is a band of man-eating simba terrorizing an area near Masai Mara..  It's not pretty..  (Enough said..)

The lead character is Dr, Charles Henley.  He is called Bwana Kifaru, swahili for “Mr. Rhino”.  How he gets that nickname is Chapter 2.

"This is not  a novel telling “around the campfire” hunting stories.  We’ve got a little of that to build the story and the characters.  The novel is filled with suspense,  a touch of romance, more than a few thrilling moments, and some revengeful animal encounters thrown in."  (and a surprise or two..)

              Robert Reeves, author

So, sit back..... relax.... listen to the sounds of the African sunrise .. but, beware.. there may be someone, or something watching you..   kwa heri (bye).


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