"Look out Bwana!"  Makali screamed.  The bush exploded. He yelled again, whistled, and waved his arms.  I later realized he was risking himself to save me.  The crazed rhino was on me in 3 seconds.  There was no time to react. 


Meet Adventure Author Robert Reeves

Before Dawn is Robert Reeves' big debut.  Robert Reeves lives in Plano Texas. 

Bwana Kifaru is swahili for "Mr. Rhino".  This is the nickname of our hero, Dr. Charles Henley.  You'll have to read the story (Ch. 2) to learn how he "earns this nickname.

This is not a book of hunting stories, and by the way.... No lions, rhinos, or other animals, were harmed in the writing of this novel. 

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